About V

The reason for creating a blog is truly selfish. I’m coming up to 29 and 12 months and have an amazing talent of portraying to others that I have life worked out and am generally a grown and together person. Particularly in this world of Facebook and filters where it seems that everybody is more beautiful, successful and generally having a much better time and quality of life than you. I am also more than sure that this is how some others see me, I have a successful job, live in London and have photogenic friends, but the reality is I am a grown girl child who is nearly 30 and all I ‘have’ is a rental agreement, ten year relationship and a lizard. Over the past few years, through the usual monotony of being grown up (paying for dental treatment, filling out insurance forms and paying taxes, or whatever it is I’ve been doing), I feel I have lost my creative expression and work/life balance. I want to start writing, drawing and being generally creative and fun again. I don’t want the days to pass but to be experienced. I would love to give you a clear indication of what my hobbies are or what this blog is or will be, however not only am I still exploring but I generally do jump around from one project and subject to another. From an obsession with making miniature furniture and accessories to stationary and video games. I was that annoying kid that showed up to a few classes of everything and then decided they knew enough and was ready for something else; a typical jack of all trades, master of none. So that is the main selfish reason for this blog, to hold my self-accountable to fulfilling this promise and of course to put my projects and ideas out there while hiding behind social media anonymity.

Below are a few ‘hobbies’ and passions:

~ Reading and Writing ~

I love reading anything, from gothic literature and modern classics to sci-fi dystopias and predictable crime page turners. I also used to enjoy writing, however along with reading, this had slipped to the cheap seats at the back in terms of priority and visibility. My passion for reading and making time for myself has currently been relit by a couple of amazing sci-fi masterworks and I can feel my rusty writing pen calling. Am I any good? Probably not. Am I going to still subject bloggers to it? Most definitely.

~ Beauty ~

I am addicted to beauty products. Most of the time I don’t even wear that much make up on a daily basis but for some reason this doesn’t stop me from visiting the counters, being distracted by sometimes just fancy packaging, and buying an obscene amount of the stuff! My Debenhams and Space NK cards get at least 10x more wear and tear than my gym one on a monthly basis. This is then how I validate buying more, by ‘needing’ to spend my points and it makes total economic sense when you truly think about it! Or at least this is what I tell my boyfriend when I get home trying my best to conceal my beautiful tiny bag (the good type you keep to take stuff or your lunch to work in) with my latest purchase in it. Enough is never enough and as the ladies will know, everyone is different and you will discover new techniques and products throughout your life, so I will also be sharing some of my buys and reviews to help in that ‘make yourself look like you’re not tired every day and have it together’ make up journey.

~ BuJo ~

When you think you are just scribbling in a book and it turns or to be an addiction. For many neat, list making, stationary obsessed people such as myself, the above statement is a reality. BuJo stands for Bullet journaling and if you haven’t heard of it, give it a google. There are hours worth of beautiful spreads, doodles and calligraphy to get lost in. BuJo is a self-constructed diary and organising system that is designed to help with task prioritising and basically getting your life together. I am an excellent ‘planner’ I have great ideas and intricately map what I need to do to achieve them, however carrying out these tasks and actually achieving these goals is a different story. I have really enjoyed developing and evolving my BuJo and although I still have lots of work to do to actually organise my world, journaling can make it a fun and creative journey.

~ TV Series ~

I used to be a movie fiend, especially after working in a cinema when I was younger but I think, as with a lot of people, the advancements and investment of TV Series and the ability to binge has taken over my passion for watching. It all started with Lost and this led since then has been a blur of cancelled after one season heartbreak, terrible pilots and, in between these, amazing pieces of gold that make a rewatchable catalogue of binge worthy television. From Game of Thrones and Walking Dead to Always Sunny and Silicon Valley, in a world of Prime and Netflix I honestly don’t know how I even leave the house.

~ Reptiles & Random ~

With my tiny attention span and random tastes I also have many other passions and interests. From my days working with reptiles I still have two snakes, two geckos and a lizard and a great passion for these cold blooded characters that come in all shapes and forms. Other interests and ‘dabbles’ include: anything miniature, drawing, mandalas, card making, crafts, fashion, travel, stationary and much more.

So give me a like or a follow to find out really how little V did know.




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